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Welcome to our website which we hope will confirm your interest in our products and services. 

4DigitalBooks was founded in 1998 in Switzerland and building on our team’s strong background in engineering, automation and robotics, has achieved the world challenge of automatically handling and turning pages of the largest variety of books, magazines, newspapers and bound documents.  In the process, we have developed a unique expertise about document preservation requirements, book safety, digital image quality and industrial scanning productivity and are eager to put it to work for you.

The automatic page turning know how of 4DigitalBooks has been strengthened through strong partnerships and together we bring you the most professional digitization solutions in terms of reliability, performance,  image quality and value for money.

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i2S, is the world leaders in scanning technologies
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MediaINFO is a leading edge software for visual document handling
Although our customers select the Digitizing Line for the large multitude of benefits that are brought together in these products, they select to do business with 4DigitalBooks for the quality of the long term relationship we strive to cultivate and the values we incorporate
  • effective and efficient as Swiss service
  • reliable like swiss watches
  • versatile like the swiss army knife
  • a safe partner like swiss banks
  • humble like swiss people.

We share with you, the vision of a near future where a majority of books will be reachable online and where full text search would be possible inside their content and hope to count you soon among our faithful customers.



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